Pilates by Azalea was established in 2016.  After years of teaching Pilates at studios throughout the South Bay, Azalea decided it was time to start her own studio. Her goal is to create a studio that supports the community’s fitness needs while also creating classes that engage the mind.  At the studio, you will be taught how to use Pilates as a tool to bring awareness to your body and to learn how to move.




Azalea is Pilates certified through Body Art and Science International (BASI) with a dance training specialization and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance from Loyola Marymount University. She started Pilates at the age of 15 at El Camino College as a requirment for her dance training.  Pilates has supported her through rehabilitation of two meniscus tears (one in each knee) and during her post/ prenatal health through three pregnancies.
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Jennie spent 5 years working as a physical therapist aide at a pelvic floor muscle dysfunction physical therapy clinic. Pilates was the primary focus of rehabilitation at the clinic. She enjoys watching patients progress from very limited movement to complex movement through taking regular Pilates lessons. Jennie sees first-hand how Pilates truly is a universal exercise; it helps young and old, healthy and injured.

Jennie specializes in teaching stability, improving flexibility, and refining posture for all over better orthopedic and emotional health. Her goal is to teach you how to maximize movement while maintaining good postural alignment in classes



Felicia Kelley began practicing Pilates while an undergraduate student in the Dance Department at Loyola Marymount University. After a few sessions she began experiencing the amazing benefits of Pilates such as improved posture, strong abdominal muscles, increased flexibility, better coordination, and decided that upon graduation she wanted to share this method with the world. She completed her 450-hour comprehensive Pilates training in 2012, at Whole Body Method Pilates Studio in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, Felicia has enjoyed challenging students to become more aware of their bodies in the studio and outside of the studio, while building strength and confidence to carry throughout their daily lives.

As a professional dancer, Felicia has performed on hundreds of stages from Los Angeles, to Washington D.C. to Costa Rica. She brings her love of movement from the stage to the Pilates studio, motivating others to reach the full potential of their body’s capabilities.

Currently, Felicia is a faculty member in the Department of Theater and Dance at Loyola Marymount University where her pilates journey has come full circle. She can also be found teaching pilates in corporate environments, in collaboration with employee wellness programs throughout Los Angeles.



Having grown up a lover of athletics, Jasmine turned to PIlates for a new post-rehabilitation fitness routine. Unfamiliar with PIiates at the time, she fatefully ended up in the hands of a direct descendent of Romana who enthusiastically gave her a formal introduction to the method that would later change her life. After the first few sessions, she knew there was so much versatility and growth that could be achieved within the classical Pilates system. The complete mind and body integration within the Pilates method left her humbled, inspired, and ready to inspire. In 2008, she began studying the Classical Pilates method under a descendant of Romana which eventually led to her transition out of the hustle and bustle of the film industry and welcomed personal growth with her newfound passion.

Jasmine credits Pilates to being a key contributing factor to two healthy pregnancies, (which included twins,) and she’s known to describe it as a “Lifelong Method.”

Having taught over the West side of Los Angeles and the South Bay in both Private and Group settings, her teaching ranges from basic to “super-advanced,” and she finds the most joy in honoring each individual’s unique needs and helping them find their own definition of progress; from being able to bend over to tie one’s shoes again to finding the Powerhouse in one’s Swan or adding a few inches and more lift to one’s splits.

Beyond her comprehensive certification in Classical Pilates, she has continued to attend workshops and expand her knowledge through an array of Pilates-centered resources and takes pride in continuing education from well-respected Pilates teachers among the community.



Megan is a health and fitness enthusiast. She’s a certified Pilates Instructor from Los Angeles who specializes in athletes and prenatal. She loves to challenge her clients on the reformer and whip them into shape. Megan helps and inspires others in the fitness community. When she’s not teaching or working out you can find her at the beach, cooking at home for her family, or possibly at Target.

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